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I offer photo-shoot experiences that are rooted in safety, freedom, and acceptance of your inner most truth. I can help you stay centered in your heart with a camera present. To capture photos artfully that reveal your essence and the gifts you are here to bring.

I guide light to paint the canvas of your freedom of expression. I hold space with deep attunement and integrity to support your direct experience. A reverent and playful place that can be reached for even the most camera-shy.

Whether it's your love, grief, rage, or connection with nature... I bring a container of deep permission for what your body and spirit already know. An inviting and unwavering presence for your raw expression. So that it can be celebrated, remembered, and shared.

Together we can uncover parts of yourself you have never seen before. And create real moments that will last forever.

My area of expertise extends to private shoots, elopements, weddings, maternity shoots, workshops, retreats, events, ceremonies, festivals, and real-estate.

I currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Come find me in the jungle.

Topics of interest:

  • If you are apart of a marginalized group, community, culture, tribe, or sacred practice — I want to speak with you. I believe in taking and sharing photos with intention. Celebrating culture without appropriating or extracting it. Using inclusion to bring awareness and voice to the things that people want to share so that it can be represented authentically. This includes decisions that happen in groups where everyone has a voice in what happens with what is captured and how it is shared.


  • Helping people connect with themselves, each other, and the earth

  • Empowering the divine feminine

  • Bridging politics and sustainability

  • How to live at the intersection between science and spirituality

  • Seeing the bigger picture and integrating it

  • How to embody healthy masculinity

  • Practices for attracting love in ways that are separate from addiction and ownership

  • Understanding what words do for and against people

  • Bridging the gap between where people are and where they want to be

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