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Leaping into the Unknown

Welcome to the first post of my blog. Starting in January 2022, I'm traveling abroad to get more in touch with my intuition and follow my deepest purpose.

This past year has revealed so much truth. Truth that people have had to find inside themselves when reality could not be ignored. I believe many people are in transition and are transforming the inward growth that has occurred into action. I'm going to the gathering places of artists, visionaries, therapists, spiritual facilitators, and heart-centered people who are apart of deciding what's next for the world and how we're going to get there. And I'm going to listen and share what people have to say.

I'm bringing my camera, computer, and an audio recording setup I've been designing so that I can capture joy, love, truth, ideas, and magic from anywhere.

I am ready to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. And I'm going meet them where they are, in authentic and vulnerable spaces, to affect change.

This includes:

Taking photos of people and the natural world to showcase authentic joy and what I find beautiful by being apart of those experiences.

Making a podcast (or something like it) and interviewing people that are interested in any of the following topics: - helping people connect with themselves, each other, and the earth - bridging politics and sustainability - bridging science and spirituality - seeing the bigger picture and integrating it - how to embody healthy masculinity - practices for attracting love in ways that are separate from addiction and ownership - understanding what words do for and against people - bridging the gap between where people are and where they want to be - how to celebrate culture without appropriating it

Using sound equipment to record nature and improvisational spaces with the intention of incorporating these sounds into art, therapy, and education.

I'd also like to use my writing in some way to share my own truth and perspective.

Please keep an eye out for what I will be sharing and thank you to everyone who has supported me to follow my path. I will be careful. I will be present. I will be back.

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